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Anyone of any Age group i.e. even a 6th Standard Student can Learn 3D application till the level of Professional.

Software are now a days more User Friendly.

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Currently Introduced Software

We have and promote following software:

  1. SketchUp Pro (3D Application)
  2. ArchiCad (3D Application)
  3. Rhino (Conceptual 3D Application)
  4. SU Podium (Rendering Pluggin)
  5. Lumen RT (Realistic Dynamic Animation)
  6. RenderIN (Rendering Pluggin)
  7. LightUp (Rendering Pluggin)
  8. Grasshopper (Rendering Pluggin)
  9. DraftSight (CAD Application)

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No compromise with Quality Teaching and so as Fees.

It is a Certified Training.